2018 Nissan Sentra Sedan Specs

2018 Nissan Sentra Sedan Specs

There is a middle representative of sedan’s category. This vehicle does not look very luxurious, but its appearance is not worse that one of many modern automobiles. However this car is aesthetically acceptable and, of course, you will have the all characteristics that necessary for everyday deals such as job and rest.

If you like a simple, but elegant exterior, well, 2018 Nissan Sentra is the thing that is interesting for you. Of course, it’s more or less subtle, but if you will pay attention on the all details in its appearance you will see that this vehicle is really similar with many other representatives of this car’s category.

What about the interior here? It has the same feature as an exterior that could be called as “no feature”: everything is elegant, modern and qualitative, but simple and usual. But many people just don’t need luxury, brightness and etc., so this vehicle could be appropriate for them thanks for its low price compared with many other sedans.

The performance is not bad and is not impressive. In accordance with appearance inside and outside the car, the characteristics on the road don’t try to inspire and rejoice the connoisseurs of sport cars. But if you just need a car as a vehicle, not as a piece of art or as sport automobile, you will surely be glad to drive this comfortable model.

There are two variants of engines such as basic and turbo. The first one will have volume of 0.48 gallons, torque of 128 lb-ft and capacity of 130 horsepower. The other one will be more powerful and its torque will be 177 lb-ft, its capacity will be 188 horsepower. But the second engine will have less volume, which is equal to 0.42 gallons.

Unfortunately, it’s still impossible to say something about the release date, but the price is available. This vehicle will cost approximately since 16,000 till 24,000 American dollars. It’s not a big price for such luxurious car as this one.

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