2018 Subaru WRX Sport Turbo

2018 Subaru WRX Sport Turbo

This is an interesting vehicle for people who like speed and luxurious appearance. This car is really chic and it’s appropriate not just for racing tracks in the weekend, but on some celebrations too. Maybe, many people will not consider this automobile as one of the top category’s representatives, but 2018 Subaru WRX is surely at least one of the most elegant sedans among upcoming ones.

The exterior here is really subtle. If you just take a look at the model, you could not mark some important details, and the appearance in general will seem similar with many other modern vehicles with little futuristic shades. But if you just look at the car during at least 10 seconds, you will see absolutely another “picture”…

Formidable sporty wheel discs, similar front side with aerodynamically and subtle shapes, general style and harmony – that is all about this impressive model. If you will get inside this car, you will be also impressed, because the interior is just “screaming” about the potential that you can use on the road.

Stylish upholstery, dashboard and screen makes your experience excellent. Of course, that’s not enough to make a good driving, so what about a performance here? This model let you glad not only the power and speed, but controllability that is especially important for such vehicle.

There is at least one engine that will have a volume of 0,53 gallons. It will have next maximal characteristics: the torque will be approximately 258 lb-ft and the capacity will be about 268 horsepower. It’s enough for top representatives of sedans.

It’s hard to say now about the all range of prices. Well, a basic price for this vehicle could be near 27,000 American dollars. The release date is still not available. All that we know is that the model will surely come at least in 2019 year.

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