2019 Genesis G90 US Market Price

2019 Genesis G90 US Market Price

This car is one of the most modern vehicles today. The world has seen that model in Northern America, on exhibition of 2016 year. It’s a first car in the lineup. This premium sub brand of Hyundai represents full-size sedan. It’s an implementation of conception “Athletic Elegance” that is obvious right after easy test-drive.

The exterior here is really modern. Hi-Tech appearance has many subtle details such as smooth flashlights that based on light-emitting diodes. The front grille looks strong and chromium-plated. These and other luxurious features of 2019 Genesis G90 make its exterior stylish and serious.

The interior of this car will rejoice the connoisseurs of comfortable vehicles. On the back seats people can use an entertainment center. The central console is really respectable because of analogue clocks. All interfaces are informative. Somebody would think that here is even too much electronics, but all of it can be really useful with right applying.

There are three packaging-arrangements of this automobile – Royal, Elite and Premier. They are different in its equipments and motors. In the Royal version engine has 1.32 gallons, 383.5 lb-ft and 425 horsepower. Elite has less characteristics: volume here is 0.87 gallons, torque is 376.2 lb-ft and power of this version is 370 hp. Premier is a basic modification, so it has only 1.00 gallons, 315 hp and 292.8 lb-ft. All these cars have maximal speed of 149.13 mph.

The price of this car is not too big for such level of automobiles. After all it’s not just a simple vehicle for every day, it’s respectable and comfortable machine that somebody could call even a piece of art. The Royal version will cost around 80,000 American dollars and two other modifications will cost approximately 60,000 dollars.

This model already exists on the market, but in the 2019 it could be the new generation. So, the connoisseurs of this car should wait to next year just for being sure that they will buy really newest version of their lovely luxurious and practical automobile.

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