Jeep Compass x2 2019 SUV US Market

Jeep Compass x2 2019 SUV US Market
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  •    March 5, 2018
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This is a really comfortable and practical SUV, but it is not look as some luxurious vehicle. Nevertheless, 2019 Jeep Compass is one of more or less interesting upcoming representatives of this automobile’s category, because this vehicle combines comfortable interior, stylish exterior and impressive performance. You should not expect something great from this model, but you can just enjoy its modest advantages.

The appearance of the model is not catchy. It’s an ordinary SUV. The exterior contains the all modern trends such as smooth shapes, elegant wheel discs and etc. The main color of the model is dark shade of grey, although it’s also used black. Generally, vehicle looks typical for modern SUV.

The interior here seems stylish, because there are also grey and black colors. Such solution is impressive, especially because of color’s location on the seats. This location is very similar with location of black elements in car’s exterior. A steering wheel here can claim to be called one of the most stylish steering wheels ever because of its palette and subtle shapes, although other elements are not look really interesting.

Well, how this SUV can take the difficulties of road? Actually, a performance here is not the best that is possible for such car’s category. Nevertheless, this automobile is demonstrating good controllability, serious speed and enough traction.

The engine here will have a volume of 0.63 gallons. It will produce a capacity of 180 horsepower and torque of 175 lb-ft. This is a middle characteristics for SUV. Car with such engine can make everything that representatives of the category should make.

The price of this model will be in the range of 22,000 American dollars and 37,000 American dollars. Such big difference is explained because of different packaging-arrangements. It’s still hard to say anything about the release date, but the SUV will surely come on the global market.

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