New 2019 BMW M5 Concept Price in USA

New 2019 BMW M5 Concept Price in USA
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  •    January 30, 2018
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The new BMW M5 2019 belongs to the E-class, it can give a feeling of comfort, it can be used for any ride.

This model in the 2017 can be distinguished by a different hood, more aggressive bumpers, a spoiler and exhaust pipe fittings. Now more about the exterior.

From the previous version, there are a lot of differences, but the overall new style has remained. Muzzle acquired a new narrow head optics, equipped with LED elements. On the hood are located relief lines in the middle, creating a small hump. In the middle of the muzzle there is a branded radiator grille with chrome edging. The new bumper immediately makes it clear that you have a powerful sports car in front of you, as the air intakes with radiators have impressive dimensions. Behind us we got the corporate style, the headlights remind us of the predecessor, but the shape was slightly adjusted. On the luggage compartment lid appeared a small wing. The bumper has a slightly different shape, narrow vertical reflectors and 4 huge exhaust nozzles that produce excellent sound.

Also, the changes touched the interior of the car, the style of the general has been preserved and there are a lot of similarities. Everything about the same, but everything is slightly changed. As before, high-quality materials are used in the form of leather, chrome inserts and a small amount of Alcantara. The steering wheel in the new generation has changed slightly, you immediately notice the additional red petals. Installs a 20-inch display of the entertainment system BMW ConnctedDrive.

The most interesting thing for fans is the new car engine. In principle, it’s the same engine, but it’s pretty much overhauled. It’s a V8 on two Twin Scroll turbines, delivering 600 horsepower. The most important innovation in this car is the installation of a proprietary all-wheel-drive system XDrive, but modified for this car.

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