New 2019 LaFerrari Concept Review

New 2019 LaFerrari Concept Review

This car represents a perfect combination of exterior elegance and chic with extra power and unsurpassed maneuverability. This model appeared in 2013, it was a replacement for the legendary Ferrari Enzo, if you look at both of these cars, you can really notice the similarity in design.

LaFerrari 2019 was introduced in Geneva and got received a lot of public attention.

This model has a hybrid power plant. The main engine of the model is a gasoline unit with a capacity of 6.3 liters, which produces 800 horsepower. The second engine is electric, and its power is 163 forces, the aggregate has 963 forces. The gasoline engine is atmospheric and has 12 cylinders with a V-shaped distribution. Coupled with the engine is a 7-step robotic gearbox that transmits torque only to the rear wheels. Thanks to all this, the model picks up the first hundred in exactly 3 seconds. The weight of the Ferrari LaFerrari is 59% more in the rear and 41% in the front.

The model has a different radius of the wheels, in front are the 19 th, and in the rear 20’s.

The interior of the car is also unique. Salon, created mainly from carbon-fiber materials with the addition of Alcantara, perfectly matches with the red-leather seats and front panel. The number of devices on the digital control panel is minimal, which provides high functionality. Displays in the cabin are three, however, their configuration varies depending on individual preferences. The steering wheel is convenient and multifunctional, has a compact size and some flattening from above and below. Bribes also another indicator of an individual approach to the customer.

The car is created almost from one merits: super strength, super dynamic, stunning appearance and full convenience of control.

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