New Mazda CX-5 Tubo Crossover

New Mazda CX-5 Tubo Crossover

This is a really interesting upcoming model that is firstly appropriate for those people, who have not big ambitions for the car. It’s practical middle SUV with usual size, usual abilities and usual appearance. 2019 Mazda CX-5 will be appropriate for many everyday deals and, of course, for some village rest on the weekend.

The exterior is not absolutely ordinary, but typical in general. An interesting part here is the front side because of shapes that are not as smooth here as in other car’s places. The interior is elegant because it’s harmonious. Designers used a light grey color for upholstery and black one for dashboard with steering wheel.

The good thing in this car is its comfort while driving. If you will not use it for racings or some kind of hard off-road, this vehicle will work during long period of time. It’s a reliable vehicle, at least compared with many other automobiles of such category.

What is the brightest detail in its performance? Well, it’s probably an equilibrium that you feel while driving. Even if the road is not easy and the weather today is not friendly, this model can show a good result. But not expect too much form this middle SUV. And, of course, you should not to purchase it exactly for such hard conditions, because going in such weather once or going so everyday are absolutely different things. There are many vehicles that are much more appropriate for such difficulties.

Which engine does this car have? It’s a unit with volume of 0.66 gallons. Its capacity and torque are not impressive even for SUV, but they are appropriate for middle representative: the car has 185 lb-ft and 187 horsepower.

It is still not enough information for guessing, when this middle vehicle will arrive to the market. But the price is already available: this automobile will cost since approximately 25,000 American dollars till 31,000 American dollars that is a middle range for such category’s representative.

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