New Toyota C-HR Interior Redesign

New Toyota C-HR Interior Redesign

This car seems to model for family’s life and some other everyday deals, but actually it is a really active and strong automobile. 2019 Toyota C-HR can impress even the connoisseurs of modern vehicles with high speed and nice controllability. The automobile has many advantages in its category and really competes.

The exterior here is impressive, but it’s some kind of deceptive one. Why? Because it will not deliver the all potential of this vehicle, that somebody could even consider as great. Eventually this automobile is not too strong for such words. Every detail in its appearance looks elegant, even subtle. And the most important thing – the all design of the body seems harmonies. Many cars can not brag this.

Well, what is possible to say about interior? It looks truly sporty because of abundance of blue color in the dashboards. Everything here looks not just modern, but very bright and stylish. It’s not the interior of some luxurious measured vehicle, it’s an interior of the car with outstanding spirit.

The model has engine with 116 horsepower that let it accelerate 118.06 mph. It will take near 1.95 gallons on the 62.14 mi. This model required 10.9 seconds to accelerate till 62.14 mph. This is a good characteristics for such category of cars, but, of course, this vehicle can not pretend to be a really sport automobile.

The release date will probably be in the middle of this year. The minimal price is near to 17,000 dollars for version Standart, Comfort version will cost near to 20,000 dollars, version Style will be approximately 21,000 dollars and version Prestige will be about 23,000 dollars. There is not a big difference between first and last models.

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