Test Drive On Road New Ford Edge

Test Drive On Road New Ford Edge
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  •    March 5, 2018
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This luxurious SUV seems claiming. It’s not surprising, because after the first look you understand already that this car is adorable. It’s a practical vehicle that can contain many things. For example, such car will be really suitable, if you want to go to the nature, and there are so many things that you need to get in this journey.

2019 Ford Edge has catchy exterior, although there is not too much brightness and everything is aesthetically acceptable. Both of the front and back sides look formidable, but in general this SUV does not claim to look really hard. Smooth shapes of body and lights, subtle wheel discs – all of it is contribute to typical appearance of modern vehicle like that.

The interior is interesting because of seats’ upholstery. The last one is made as horizontal lines on this seats that make them similar to benches. Some other elements of cabin are not so catchy, because it’s typical design for SUV like this one. There is a lot of volume inside the car. Well, this model is not the most spacious representative of this car’s category, but it’s one of the best in it.

You can drive this car easily because of comfortable and effective control system. Even if the SUV would go on some high speed, it would not be a big trouble to turn it, when it would be necessary. The traction here is also impressive, and this automobile can show big power while it would go in some hard conditions like snow or dirt.

The engine here will have such maximal characteristics: a torque here is 380 lb-ft while a capacity is 335 horsepower. The volume of this engine is 0.71 gallons that is absolutely enough. Actually, this vehicle is one of the most powerful one among SUVs.

The price of this automobile will start approximately at 30,000 American dollars and end at 42,000 American dollars. Many connoisseurs of this upcoming model could see it in summer of 2018 year, but it’s still hard to be sure.

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