USA New Ford Kuga Redesign

USA New Ford Kuga Redesign
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  •    March 5, 2018
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This vehicle is one of the most spacious and comfortable ones among upcoming SUVs. What is the modest impressing detail in 2019 Ford Kuga? Actually, it’s hard to mark something, because the most beautiful feature of the model is balance between its elements. This SUV will be appropriate as for some village trips, as for everyday deals and even for some celebrations.

The appearance of this vehicle is elegant and not very bright. There is some dignity in these subtle shapes. Black color is really appropriate for such SUV, and designers, of course, knew it. The front side of the car is most impressive because of front grille and shape of this part in general.

The interior here is looking great, because there is environment full of black and luxurious shapes. Big space of cabin is one of the other impressive features of the model. Everything is made with a good feeling of style. Dashboard, steering wheel, upholstery – all of it look luxurious, but not too catchy. Therefore the design of the interior is similar to some cabin’s design of business cars.

Good performance is one of the advantages here. You could drive fast enough, but the car would still friendly, and it’s easy to control it. Some other characteristics are also impressive, including speed and traction. All of it make this model one of good SUVs with modern parameters and equilibrium among them.

A basic engine here will be a diesel one. This motor will have a volume of 0.53 gallons that is a middle parameter among such car’s category. It will produce a torque of 295 lb-ft and a capacity of 180 horsepower. Also this vehicle could have two other engines.

Where will this model come? Well, it’s possible to guess that this event will happen in the end of 2018 year. The price could start since 22,000 American dollars, and the best packaging-arrangement could cost near 29,000 American dollars.

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